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Breeding for refined Miniature Appaloosa Horses.
I have had a love of horses large and small from a very young age.  I came to breeding appaloosa miniature horses at a late stage in my life but I am loving every minute of it.

Browse through the other pages to see my little band of companions.  If you are interested in any of the or call me and we can talk.

I have a great love for all of my animals and will only let the younger ones go to good homes. 

All my horses are fed Progressive Diet Balancer with pasture and hay in the grain.  They are all up to date on shots and wormed every six weeks, with a five day purge twice a year.   Their hoofs are trimmed every six weeks.  If you have a home that can continue their love and care, feel free to contact me.

Check the Boys Page for new testing results for GB.

GB and Varney helping my husband catch a fish.

One word of caution.  If you come by please call first.  We have a dog  that is usually behind chain but sometimes he's loose and he is dangerous.





 A few years ago all the grands started having trouble with ears so the pool wasn't being used.  My husband decided he didn't like anything to go to waste so he turned it into a bird house.













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